AeRO Scholarship Fund

The AeRO scholarship fund will start in 2019.

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Travel and accommodation costs can be a significant inhibitor in attending AeRO and related conferences for participants such as:

  • Students and postdoc researchers
  • Early career professionals
  • Individuals based in rural and remote Australia
  • Individuals based outside Australia
  • Individuals with disabilities

The purpose of the AeRO Scholarship Fund is to:

  • Help alleviate the travel & accommodation costs for such individuals
  • Help with other costs associated with attending such as a support worker or child care

This will ensure a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives are represented at eligible events.
Eligible Events

  • AeRO conferences and workshops:
  • Other eResearch activities with AeRO approval (on application by the organiser)


The financial assistance requested should be limited to what you require but may cover up to:

  • Accommodation & Breakfast for event duration at a nearby hotel. Effort should be made to select a low cost option without compromising safety.
  • Travel Allowance (flights and transfers). Return economy airfares from the recipients nearest major airport, plus airport transfer costs to and from the accommodation provided.  
  • Full conference registration at the appropriate early rate. I.e. discounted registration.
  • Costs relating to child care and/or support workers on the days you are attending


  • The applicant must be (minimum one):
    • enrolled full time in tertiary education
    • Postdoctoral researcher
    • employed in education or research
    • working in a field closely associated with research support
  • Applicants must be residents of Australia or New Zealand.
  • Attendance at the event should be relevant to the applicant’s current study or employment
  • The applicant must not be an office bearer of AeRO
  • This scholarship is open to employees of both AeRO members and non-members

Selection Criteria

Applications are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Reasonability of the request
    • Is there a well-articulated need for assistance?
    • Does the amount of funding requested match the need?
    • Have other sources of funding been explored?
  • Potential to increase diversity
    • Is the applicant a first time event attendee?
    • Do they study or work in a rural or remote area of Australia, or New Zealand?
  • Contribution to the event and commitment to the field
    • Does the applicant have an accepted or submitted presentation, poster, or other contribution?
    • Are they volunteering or helping support the conference?
    • Is there evidence of an ongoing commitment to study or work that relates to the event?

How to apply

Complete the AeRO Scholarship application form.

Judging & Awarding

At least two members of the Conference Organising Committee or AeRO Executive Committee will review and evaluate each application based on the selection criteria listed above.

In time, we will move this responsibility to an eResearch Diversity & Inclusion Committee drawn from volunteers across the sector.


AeRO, typically through a conference management company, will handle registration and flights and accommodation bookings.