University of Auckland

The University of Auckland Centre for eResearch is a cross-faculty research centre, hosted within the Faculty of Science.

The Centre for eResearch pioneers the development of such infrastructure and services on behalf of the University’s research communities. We work hand-in-hand with researchers to help them leverage computational advances in pursuit of their own research questions.

To this end we provide a sophisticated high-performance cluster computing environment, advanced storage solutions tuned for managing large research data collections and a variety of productivity and community support software tools.

The centre also plays a key role in providing leadership in eResearch at the national level, hosting both the BeSTGRID grid middleware and the New Zealand eScience Infrastructure initiatives.

Our vision at the Centre for eResearch is to be a nationally and internationally influential community of eResearch practitioners, developers and thought leaders. We aim to excel in facilitating the research of others, as well as contributing to the evolving research themes within the field of eResearch itself.

Contact: Prof. Mark Gahegan, Professor and Dircot – Centre for eResearch

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