eResearch 2015

The AeRO flag will be flying proudly at eResearch 2015 this year – in the exhibitor area as well as throughout the conference program.

For the first time this year, you’ll be able to visit us at our AeRO booth! This is the first year AeRO has had its own booth and we look forward to meeting you there.

We’re also continuing our partnerships with our existing AeRO members. You’ll be able to find AeRO materials on their booths and they’ll also be happy to answer any of your AeRO questions.

Our program participation is at an all time high this year with AeRO staff and staff from AeRO member organisations presenting a staggering 10 workshops and sessions! To find out more about our activities – you’re invited to come along to the following.


A gentle reminder to register for all workshops.

Monday – ORCID Workshop – (AeRO member organisation) Heath Marks and Laurel Hack

Friday – ICE Communication – Inspired, Connected, Engaged – How to effectively communicate your research activities and outcomes – Loretta Davis



1330-1355 – Data Movement Journey – (AeRO member organisation) Hosted by AARNet

1625-1650 – Seriously improving learning outcomes using Gamification and Game-based Learning in IT-related Training Courses – Mark McPherson and Loretta Davis


1305-1330 – Australian eResearch Organisations (AeRO) – Towards joined-up digital infrastructure for research excellence – Markus Buchhorn and Loretta Davis

1305-1330 – Behind the Cloud -The challenges and solutions in developing a nationwide world class support for NeCTAR services – (AeRO member organisation) Nick Golovachenko, Sarah Nisbet

1430-1525 – Education and training – Valerie Maxville and Markus Buchhorn

1530-1550 – The rapidly changing facing of federated identity management for research and the challenges that lie ahead – (AeRO member organisation) Elleina Andrews, Terry Smith and Heath Marks

1600-1625 – If you build it – they will come… but first they need to know they need it! Practical techniques to facilitate behaviour change and user engagement in an eResearch context – Loretta Davis and Kelly Lennon

1725-1750 – Integrating user support for eResearch services within institutions. Lessons learned from AeRO Stage 2 User Support Project and future plans for joined-up support – Hamish Holewa and Loretta Davis


0900-0925 – Making your message matter – How to inspire, connect and engage to share your research activities and outcomes – Loretta Davis

0900-0955 – Epic Lessons – (AeRO member organisations) Joe Thurbon, Rob Cook, Ian Gibson and Mary Hobson

1000-1025 – The CSIRO eResearch Workflow Service – (AeRO member organisation) Tim Ho, Joel Ludbey and Alfred Uhlherr

We look forward to seeing you at eResearch!