Meet the AeRO Tick team!

Good ideas are not enough – it takes talented and dedicated people to turn them from concept into reality.

We’d like to acknowledge the following valued team members:

  • Nigel Ward – Independent Project Chair
  • Hamish Holewa – Project Manager
  • Dean Nottingham (departed) – User Support Consultant
  • Kelly Lennon (departed) – Communications
  • Neil Thelander – Advisory Group and Service Desk Integration Lead
  • Lennie Au – Infrastructure Requirements and Consultation Lead
  • Ursula Soulsby – Infrastructure Requirements and Consultation Lead
  • Heath Cooper – Research Adviser Lead
  • Mark Smith – Research Adviser Lead

We’d also like to acknowledge the members of our User Support Expert Group:

  • Malcolm Wolski
  • Jeanette Patamia
  • Paul Hardaker
  • Amanda Nixon
  • Christopher McAvaney
  • Alicia Lopez
  • Rod Mahon
  • Brett Rosolen
  • Kathy Dallest