What is Tier 0, 1, 2 & 3 support?

Generally, support queries are categorised into tiers according to the nature and complexity of the support query. The tiers loosely correspond to the nature of specialised skills needed to resolve (or fix) the issue.

The follow table provides an overview of support tiers and some examples.

Tier Description Example
0 Self help and support  A user will generally self-help themselves. Examples include micro-copy, forums, google search, FAQs and support manuals.
1 Help Desk  Usually the first point of contact between a users and a service. Examples might include trouble logging into an application or system. Generally no technical knowledge is needed to rectify the issue.
2 Application Expertise  Generally for issue which involve a technical understanding of the application or system. Examples might include a ‘bug’ or issue in some software.
3 Specialised Expertise  Reserved for more specialised technical solutions that exist across multiple systems.
4 Vendor Expertise  This tier is reserved for items which might be outside of the institutional expertise skill set and are dependent on third party suppliers.
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