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AeRO Executive Commitee

Meet the AeRO Executive Committee!

Supported by AeRO staff, the AeRO Executive Committee is responsible for providing strategic leadership direction for AeRO.

Chair – To Be Confirmed

Dr Jenni Harrison

Dr Harrison leads strategic projects for the Centre, managing negotiations for substantial contracts and the budget for strategic projects.
She is responsible for building and developing partnerships with other organisations and for raising the national and international profile of the Centre.Dr Harrison deputises for the Executive Director, in areas such as Federal Government matters. She brings two decades international experience across a range of disciplines, including research, education, policy development, project and funding management. Dr Harrison has held senior level roles and routinely liaises with organisational leaders and upper management.

Prof Matthew Bellgard

Professor Matthew Bellgard is a Board member of the APEC Life Science Innovation Forum Executive Board and the Chair of the APEC LSIF Rare Disease Network. He has extensive experience in the fields of rare disease and molecular therapy, and is pioneering research on innovative rare disease registries development and novel therapies for muscular dystrophy.


In his role as Director of eResearch at Queensland University of Technology, Professor Bellgard works across multiple sectors and with State and Federal government to share his expertise in Data governance, management, sharing, access, privacy, and analytics that are transferable across sectors. Professor Bellgard has established an extensive track record in data management, analysis, and governance across a diverse range of disciplines. He has delivered advice, solutions and recommendations to industry, government and academia across his extensive ongoing stakeholder engagement network. His scientific work has resulted in developments in both the areas of pairwise sequence alignment and artificial intelligence, human genomics, bacterial bioinformatics, whole genome analysis and annotation for a range of species, as well as eResearch across a range of disciplines.


Prof Alex Reid

BIO to be added.

Mr Brendan Davey

Brendan is the Deputy Director of the TPAC (Tasmanian Partnership for Advanced Computing).


TPAC through local and federal funding provide High Performance Computing, Cloud Computing, Peta-scale storage and be-spoke applications and services to assist the local, national and International research communities.

Web_Gurney Independent Member

Dr Phil Gurney

Phil is the ex-Chief Executive Officer of QCIF  – the Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation Ltd (QCIF). QCIF facilitates and coordinates advanced eResearch services and information technology infrastructure for research in its member universities.View Phil’s LinkedIn profile.


UHL003 Alf Uhlherr Independent Member
Dr Alfred Uhlherr
Alf is an independent member of the AeRO Executive Committee.  He previously worked as a principal research scientist and executive manager at CSIRO in the areas of computational science and scientific computing.  He played a key role in the establishment of national computing facilities such as NCI, Pawsey and MASSIVE.

The AeRO Executive Committee Archive detail the many talented individuals have guided AeRO via their participation on the AeRO EC.