AeRO Executive Commitee

Meet the AeRO Executive Team! Supported by AeRO staff, we provide strategic leadership direction for AeRO.

Anne Kealley Co-Chair
 Ms Anne Kealley
Anne is the Chief Executive Officer of CAUDIT – the Council of Australasian University Directors of IT. CAUDIT’s mission is to enhance its member’s ability as key strategic advisers on the use of information technology in higher education. View Anne’s LinkedIn profile.
Web_Gurney Co-Chair
 Dr Phil Gurney
Phil is the Chief Executive Officer of QCIF  – the Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation Ltd (QCIF). QCIF facilitates and coordinates advanced eResearch services and information technology infrastructure for research in its member universities.View Phil’s LinkedIn profile.


Peter Elford_2 Member
 Mr Peter Elford
Peter Elford manages AARNet’s relationships across a broad range of Federal and state government agencies, and AARNet’s engagement with the Australian research community. He is a strong and passionate advocate for the role Information and Communications Technology (ICT) plays in enabling globally collaborative and competitive research through ultra-high speed broadband connectivity.


Peter is an ICT professional with over 30 years’ experience within the government, education, research and industry sectors having worked at the Australian National University, AARNet (twice) and Cisco. In his first stint at AARNet (in 1990) he engineered much of the original Internet in Australia.

UHL003 Alf Uhlherr Member
Dr Alfred Uhlherr
Alf is an independent member of the AeRO Executive Committee.  He previously worked as a principal research scientist and executive manager at CSIRO in the areas of computational science and scientific computing.  He played a key role in the establishment of national computing facilities such as NCI, Pawsey and MASSIVE.