AeRO Executive Commitee

Meet the AeRO Executive Committee!

Supported by AeRO staff, we are responsible for providing strategic leadership direction for AeRO.

Web_Gurney Chair
 Dr Phil Gurney
Phil is the Chief Executive Officer of QCIF  – the Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation Ltd (QCIF). QCIF facilitates and coordinates advanced eResearch services and information technology infrastructure for research in its member universities.View Phil’s LinkedIn profile.



Prof Matthew Bellgard

Professor Matthew Bellgard is a Board member of the APEC Life Science Innovation Forum Executive Board and the Chair of the APEC LSIF Rare Disease Network. He has extensive experience in the fields of rare disease and molecular therapy, and is pioneering research on innovative rare disease registries development and novel therapies for muscular dystrophy.


In his role as Director of eResearch at Queensland University of Technology, Professor Bellgard works across multiple sectors and with State and Federal government to share his expertise in Data governance, management, sharing, access, privacy, and analytics that are transferable across sectors. Professor Bellgard has established an extensive track record in data management, analysis, and governance across a diverse range of disciplines. He has delivered advice, solutions and recommendations to industry, government and academia across his extensive ongoing stakeholder engagement network. His scientific work has resulted in developments in both the areas of pairwise sequence alignment and artificial intelligence, human genomics, bacterial bioinformatics, whole genome analysis and annotation for a range of species, as well as eResearch across a range of disciplines.


Dr Carina Kemp

Carina is the Director of eResearch at AARNet.

Dr Kemp joined AARNet from Geoscience Australia (GA), where she was an integral member of the leadership team for  6 years. She worked as the Chief Information Officer providing strategic leadership for setting enterprise ICT directions, architecture and priorities to enable science across GA and leading the development of virtual laboratories and high-performance computing to enable geophysical applications for pre-competitive dataset delivery.


During her 20-year career, Dr Kemp has also worked as a research scientist, a company geophysicist and industry consultant. Her enduring interests include Open Data, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, High Performance Computing, communication of science, improving collaboration across science and information technology disciplines, and encouraging leadership and women in science.


Dr Kemp leads the AARNet eResearch team and AARNet’s engagement in the Australian eResearch community.


Dr John Zic

John is currently the Executive Manager, Scientific Computing Services, Information Management and Technology at CSIRO.

John also holds a number leadership positions including Standards Australia Chair of Committee IT-038 “Cloud Computing and Distributed Platforms”, Member, Standards Australia JTC1 Steering Advisory Committee, and Visiting research fellow position, Macquarie University.


UHL003 Alf Uhlherr Independent Member
Dr Alfred Uhlherr
Alf is an independent member of the AeRO Executive Committee.  He previously worked as a principal research scientist and executive manager at CSIRO in the areas of computational science and scientific computing.  He played a key role in the establishment of national computing facilities such as NCI, Pawsey and MASSIVE.