National e-Infrastructure Review Workshop

2017  National eInfrastructure Review Workshop     –    4-5 September, ANU Commons, Canberra





e-Infrastructure for the Australian Research Community: towards an Australian Research Data Cloud

The distributed RDS storage environment, federated Nectar research cloud, and the ANDS discovery services are established tools used by both Institutions and researchers daily. They provide a significant component of the Australian eResearch infrastructure, but are by no means the entire picture. There are many other services and providers that are critical to research outcomes including Universities, publicly funded research agencies (PFRA), NCRIS capabilities, eResearch Organisations and commercial providers.

The two-day “e-Infrastructure for the Australian Research Community” workshop is being arranged in Canberra for 4-5 September 2017. It will support information gathering and planning for the next generations of Australian eResearch Infrastructure, concentrating primarily on the “hard” infrastructure layers of storage, cloud/compute, networks, and identity services.

We invite interested parties to what we plan to be busy sessions of brain-storming, discussion, strategy development, and communication around these foundation technologies which touch every researcher in multiple ways.

Who should attend: Given the more technical strategic perspectives across these two days, this would best suit the CIO, CTO and/or senior technical leadership from eResearch organisations, institutions, NCRIS capabilities, discipline communities, PFRAs and commercial providers.

The workshop is a joint initiative of RDS, Nectar, ANDS, and AeRO.

Day One – RDS/Nectar/ANDS e-Infrastructure Review Workshop (by invitation only)
4 September 2017 – Department of Education and Training, Canberra

Day One of the workshop will host a conversation with the existing service delivery partners of RDS, Nectar, and ANDS.

​In order to gather and collate information regarding possible future solutions and strategies we will address the questions of the current capital refresh cycle, lessons learnt, feedback on future plans and directions of the partners, and discussion around possible strategies and solutions.  Outputs from this workshop day will be included as input to the discussions with the broader infrastructure community on Day 2.

Day Two – National e-Infrastructure Workshop (open invitation)

5 September 2017 – ANU Commons, Canberra

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To assist in providing input to what a future eResearch environment might look like it is important to bring together the wider community of research infrastructure providers as well as representatives of the diverse research communities they support. These providers include the state eResearch partnerships, the publicly funded research agencies, the national/peak service providers, commercial providers, and tertiary institutions as major providers and investors.

The conversation on this day will provide valuable input to developing strategies for dealing with emerging research needs, an guiding in the establishment of a sustainable portfolio of services and associated delivery and support mechanisms.

It will also address communications; how to ensure the wider community is aware of what is available where, from whom, and how. Outcomes from Day One will also provide useful input and questions for the wider community to tackle.

We hope you are able to attend this meeting and can share, contribute, and communicate the needs, plans, and ideas of your communities and the services you provide.  We hope the final report of the meeting will provide valuable input into both your local and the national planning processes.

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