Displaying contact details

What is it?

To enable users to contact the relevant team, Service Providers must display contact details (e.g. email address, contact form, phone number, etc.).

Service Providers should ideally display email addresses to end users and regularly check the email address (or automatically forward via a mailing list).

Displaying an email address (as opposed to a phone number/contact form) has two advantages:

  • End users have a record of the message sent; and
  • Reduces potential non-deliverable email caused by mistyping information.

What is it used for?

End users, Service Desks or other parties can contact the service regarding critical faults, software bugs, security issues, etc. It is very important for users to be able to contact the Service Provider and vice-versa.


The following benefits can result from the ideal situation of publicly displaying email addresses:

  • Increased trust from the end user
  • Record of messages communicated
  • Reduced potential for non-deliverable email caused by mistyping information
  • Ability to receive bug reports, issues with service
  • Reduced frustration from end users who encounter issues