ARDC joins AeRO

AeRO is pleased to announce that the Australian Research Data Commons, ARDC, has joined AeRO as our latest full member.

The ARDC is a transformational initiative that enables Australian research community and industry access to nationally significant, leading edge data intensive eInfrastructure, platforms, skills and high-quality data collections.

Dr Ian Duncan, ARDC Director of Outreach noted that “The ARDC has had a long association with AeRO, and we are excited to formally continue this partnership. ARDC membership acknowledges the important role that AeRO plays via independent, agnostic representation within the sector. We are excited to be joining the AeRO family and look forward to the collaboration opportunities ahead.

Dr Phil Gurney, interim CEO of AeRO, said “The ARDC and its antecedents have worked closely with AeRO for several years, and have been strong supporters of AeRO’s eResearch conference and other events. We are delighted to re-welcome the ARDC as a member, and look forward to working together to deliver a range of projects of value to the eResearch community.

For more information, see ARDC member information.