We live in a data-driven world.

The Australian Data Science Education Institute’s mission is to empower teachers and students to understand, use, and communicate data in every context.

The Australian Data Science Education Institute is committed to:

  • Ensuring that every Australian student is technologically and data literate.
  • Encouraging and supporting Data Science Education at all levels.
  • Increasing student engagement with Computational and Data Science using projects that have a clear and immediate purpose and connection to things that matter to students and their communities.
  • Increasing data literacy so that everyone in the community can critically evaluate the data we are faced with every day, in business, education, politics, and the media.
  • Building communities of Data Science Educators and Practitioners from around the world to share resources and strategies to make sure everyone has access to the best Data Science Education possible.

Contact: Dr Linda McIver, ADSEI Executive Director

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